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audiovisual release 2016

CL X: Crazy 10 Years A/V Compilation (cl-050)
Celebrating both the 10th anniversary of Crazy Language and the marking of its 50th release, the usual suspects are back with some of their strongest bangers in true crazed-up electronic music fashion.
Not only does this compilation feature newcomers and veterans alike, but each song is accompanied by a visual artifact shaped by the prolific visual artist Lasal, hypnotizing everyone willing enough to delve onto this carefully shaped audio-visual trip.
This is a sign of things to come. The future will see more focused audio-visual collaborations between musicians and visual artists for Crazy-Language, bridging the gap between both arts into a seamless whole. Technology changes every day, so why shouldn’t traditional formats onto something fresh and exciting?
For now, enjoy this celebration between the crazy crowd you already know and love, with an audio reactive visual-patch twist. It all becomes strangely diverse but at the same time cohesive and interconnected.
Good things are ahead for the upcoming 10 years of Crazy-Language and if this compilation is the setting stone for both past and future, then the future will be pretty damn exciting indeed. (F.G.)

Role: Design and Sound visualisation.

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