Arístides García

Born 1976 in Tenerife, i'm a diplomate building engineer living in Berlin since 2009.

I work as a freelance with agencies artists and companies, in the field of generative & interactive design.

Agencies and Curators:

M-BoxOnformative, SchnellebuntebilderLAS, Analog Native, Refik Anadol.


Mercedes Benz, BMW, IBM, Audi, Fresenius, Merck, Klarna, Deutsche Telekom, Adidas.



Large media installations, like the "Grand Opening Elbphilharmonie" in Hamburg, 

the interactive dance performance “Falls the Shadow” with Daniil Simkin in the NYC Guggenheim and

Refik Anadol's "Latent Being" in Berlin Kraftwerk.

Familiar working Disciplines and Technics.

Digital Solutions, Custom Tools Development, Live Visuals, Performative Arts, 360º Projection, Dome Projection, 3D Mapping,

Sound Visualisation, Data Visualisation, Digital Scenography, Interactive Sound Design, Light Design, Laser Animation, Audiovisual Sequencers, Parametric Design, Interactive Environment, Motion and Positional Tracking.

Proudly immersed in the VVVV ecosystem since 2008.

Email - aristides_job(at)

Performances, Exhibitions, Workshops, Lectures


Marc Sinan's Orpheus, digital scenography, Berlin

TAU, algorithmic composition tool, Berlin

TAU, audiovisual performance - Keroxen Festival, Tenerife

NODE 20 Festival, Frankfurt


Latent Being, Kraftwerk, Berlin
Sense of Place, 601, Oakland
Dataland, The Linq, Las Vegas


Das Paradies und die Peri, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Inspiration Wall, Merck Innovation Center, Darmstadt

WDCH Dreams, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Skizze.08, Berlin

Keroxen Festival, Tenerife


Grand Opening Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg

Falls the Shadow, Guggenheim Museum NYC

ZA! y Lasal, Keroxen Residency, Tenerife


IBM FLUX, Munich

Mercedes E-Class Presentation, Pekin

Full Dome Projection, MIRA Festival Berlin

Daimler Silver mapping, Berlin

10 Years Crazy Language, Berghain Kantine, Berlin

CL X, Sound visualisation, Berlin

Skizze.02, Arena Club, Berlin

Keroxen Festival, Tenerife


Matrix Club Dome Projection Mapping, IAA Frankfurt

Deutsche Telekom Stand, CeBIT Hannover

Daimler Silver mapping, Berlin

Tesela, Interactive Paper Sculpture, Krake Festival Berlin

NODE Festival, Frankfurt

Keroxen Festival, Tenerife


Klarna Data Wall, Stockholm

Telekom Magenta 1, IFA Berlin

Audi shop opening, Berlin

Vitruvian, Interactive Operetta, London

Choreographic Coding Lab, Berlin

Code and choreography intersection, MIRA festival Barcelona

VVVVook, a guide to visual programming for prototyping, Japan

Lunchmeat Festival, Prage

Krake Festival, Berlin

NODE Festival, Frankfurt

Keroxen Festival, Tenerife


Telekom Dialog 13, Darmstadt

Adidas Official Store, Berlin Festival

SPD 150 Jahre Anniversary, Leipzig

Deutsche Telekom Stand, CeBIT Hannover

Microsoft XBox launch, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich

On site Festival, Taipei, Taiwan

Vitruvian, Interactive Operetta, Berlin

NODE Festival, Frankfurt

Keroxen Festival, Tenerife


Fresenius 100 Jahre Anniversary, Frankfurt

Adidas New Products Presentation, Frankfurt

Staub Leben, Live reactive environment, Berlin

Me han robado el sol, 10 years VVVV anniversary, Berlin

Xenas, Berlin

Vita Polvere, BYOB Berlin.

Crazy Language vs BrainstormLab, Berlin


BMW Stand, IAA Frankfurt

Deutsche Telekom Stand, MWC Barcelona

Hexagrama, Berlin

Harmophon, Berlin

LPM Festival, Rome

Viedram festival, Rome

Krake Festival, Berlin


Deutsche Telekom Stand, IFA Berlin

Insomnie, Dance performance, Berlin

NODE Festival, Frankfurt

Crazy Language Labelshow, Berghain Kantine, Berlin

Keroxen Festival, Tenerife


Form und Zeit, Instituto Cervantes, Berlin

Visionsonic Festival, Paris

Keroxen Festival, Tenerife