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Interactive paper sculpture, 2015

This interactive environment is based on geometry exploration, and how using this path can disrupt our perception.

Graphical patterns, visual illusions, dynamic geometry tessellations are algorithmically generated in realtime by the system with the help of the observer.

103 paper pyramids as a canvas to play with, changing the shape constantly like in an illusory metamorphic dream.

Sculpture Design in Grasshopper, 3D Projection Mapping & Interactive environment in VVVV

Camera, Video Footage & Support, Pablo Geso.

Music, Tupperwear, Catanga.


Krake Festival, Berlin, August 2015

Voroharm_3_dx11_CleanUp-Projector View_2
_MAIN-Projector View_2015.07.01-23.04.39
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