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Inspiration Wall, 

Merck Innovation Center, 2018

“The kinetic artwork in the foyer of the Merck Innovation Center is a dynamic and sculptural installation.

It animates the space with an inspiring and identity-establishing choreography.”

Inspiration Wall is a spatial kinetic installation situated in the foyer of the Innovation Center. Being processual, dynamic and interactive, the installation symbolizes the interplay between inspiration and innovation, and giving the foyer its unique identity.

The dynamic interaction between the physical movement of the screens and the virtual movement of the images follows a generative choreography. The screens interact with the moving images and vice versa.

The kinetic installation expands across almost 18 meters of slightly convex wall space and consists of 72 screens, arranged in 24 rows of 3 screens each. These screens move individually on a vertical axis.

Agency: Schnelle Bunte Bilder

Role: Two interactive graphic elements design, and the main preset engine programming to handle the animations and color transitions.


A project by ART+COM Studios, commissioned by Henn Architecture, in collaboration with Schnelle Bunte Bilder.

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