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Latent Being, 

Kraftwerk, Berlin, 2019


Latent Being is the site-specific installation by Refik Anadol, pioneer in the aesthetics of artificial intelligence. The work responds to the cathedral-like concrete vastness of Kraftwerk Berlin, a former East Berlin power-plant. Visitors will walk through the immersive, interactive environment, in which data relating to the city, the architecture and the visitors will be transformed into hallucinogenic, large-scale AI data paintings. By using a cutting-edge deep learning algorithm to create this interactive AI-human constellation, Anadol challenges our perception of ‘space’ and our relationship with AI machines.

image © refik anadol studio, photography by camille blake.


Agency: Refik Anadol Studio

Commissioned by LAS

Role: Motion tracking technical consulting, custom laser application programming, laser animations design, sound spatialisation.

Designboom review

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